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Omega Constellation Replica

George Graham created a Omega Constellation Replica clock in 1713 that used a mechanical Omega Constellation Replica motor to power a heliocentric model the planets. Orrery was the name given to the fourth Earl, who received the mechanical solar system. Its precision allowed all subsequent Omega Constellation Replica planetary models to retain the Orrery name. Three hundred years later, Graham watches unveil the Graham Tourbillon Orrery watch. This watch brings the company's history to your wrist.Graham is synonymous with large chronographs and Omega Constellation Replica triggers such as the Chronofighter (see also here or here), but the Tourbillon Orrery allows Graham to enter haute horology. This watch is a tribute not only to George Graham, watchmaker, but it's also a testament to Christophe Claret's Omega Constellation Replica collaboration on this mechanical feat.Omega Constellation Replica

Graham founder Omega Replica Watches Eric Loth first saw the Orrery Clock in England's Omega Constellation Replica Museum of the History of Science. He already had his mind set on a watch. Eric Loth devised the complex Omega Constellation Replica calculations necessary to simultaneously represent the orbits Earth and Mars around sun, as well as the Moon's orbit about earth. He struggled for 20 years to make the movement perfect. With the 300th anniversary approaching, he called Christophe Claret's expertise to finish the calculations and Omega Constellation Replica build his model. Graham presented the watch, which was one of twenty made, at Baselworld.Omega Constellation Replica

The 48mm pink omega constellation replica watches gold case contains a portable Orrery. The dial can be Omega Constellation Replica viewed as if you were in a planetarium. The sun is represented by the center tourbillon. At its zenith, there is a real diamond that will fix the tourbillon. This reminds us of preruby Omega Constellation Replica movements. Diamonds were only used 300 years ago. The cage housing the 3hz tourbillon features a George Graham design that has two Phoenix heads facing one another. The earth (blue sapphire), with its silver moon, rhodium, is moving Omega Constellation Replica outward. On the periphery, is the red planet Mars, (ruby). The orbit of the Moon is roughly a monthly calculation. Mars' orbit is an annual calculation. Mars' orbit takes more time because it moves slower. The orbits are embedded into a calendar Omega Constellation Replica that is read counterclockwise to Earth's position. This indicates both the Gregorian as well as Zodiac dates. The orbits (or sun) that move around the dial are accurate up to 100 years. Minor corrections are required.Omega Constellation Replica

These Omega Constellation Replica corrections are made according to a schedule. The Moon is Omega Constellation Replica corrected once every 7 years, Mars every 25 years, and Earth every 1156 years. The year of correction is indicated by the perimeter of the caseback. The graduations are Omega Constellation Replica provided by two additional caseback crystals. They provide a total of 300 years accuracy. According to the company, the watch is "designed to last a life time and longer." There are two crowns at 2 o’clock and 3 o’clock. A lunar pin at 4 and a Mars pin 10 o’clock respectively. The 3 o’clock crown can be used to Omega Constellation Replica manually wind the watch and set the time. It is located off-center on the edge of sun. The planets crown at 2 o'clock is the crown of the planets and can set Earth, Moon, and Mars.Omega Constellation Replica