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Omega Speedmaster Racing Replica

Grand Seiko Omega Speedmaster Racing Replica created three limited edition watches to honor this Omega Speedmaster Racing Replica movement for Baselworld 2018. They all share the same spirit of the movement inside their cases: reliability, ofcourse, but mainly high precision, including the return of Omega Speedmaster Racing Replica three legend letters: VFA (very fine adjustment). These are the Grand Seiko Hi-Beat Calibre 9S 20th anniversary References: SBGH265- SBGH266- SBGH267.The new references all share the same base movement, Calibre 9S85, and the same case with a 39.5mm diameter. A new dial type, featuring a Omega Speedmaster Racing Replica radial pattern and a mosaic of GS logos is available on all three versions.Limited to 20 pieces, the reference SBGH265 has been manufactured from 950 Platinum - both for the case as well as the folding buckle. The dial has a silvery-white finish, with silver hours and minute hands and a blued seconds. The three letters in reference SBGH265's dial are VFA (Very Fine Omega Speedmaster Racing Replica Adjustment) - an indication that was first used in 1969. After a 34-day testing program, Calibre 9S on the platinum version is set to "+3 to 1 seconds per day". This is in addition to the Grand Seiko standards. The back shows the high-beat Omega Speedmaster Racing Replica movement. The rotor is adorned with a golden medallion.Omega Speedmaster Racing Replica

Only Omega Replica Watches 150 copies were made of the second version, the Reference Omega Speedmaster Racing Replica SBGH266, which is available in 18k gold. The 5Hz high-beat movement inside the case is still there, but it has been regulated to Grand Seiko standards. This means that Omega Speedmaster Racing Replica the watch can be read in a precise +4 to 2 seconds per day. The dial is silvery-white in colour with the radial pattern and small GS mosaic. To match the case, all hands and indices have been crafted from yellow gold.The steel Omega Speedmaster Racing Replica version of this watch is the Grand Seiko Hi-Beat Calibre 9S/20th-Anniversary SWGH267. It's not only the most affordable (in terms price and number produced), but it's also the most bold, as we will see.The Calibre 9S 20th anniversary collection includes a steel model in addition to the limited and Omega Speedmaster Racing Replica expensive editions in gold and platinum. This means that the Calibre 9S 20th-anniversary collection includes a steel model. It is more affordable at just EUR 6K and available in Omega Speedmaster Racing Replica 1,500 pieces, but it doesn't make it less attractive or less beautiful. It is actually the boldest and has the best view movement-side. Steel has a pure, utilitarian, and wearable look that is very compatible with Grand Seiko's vision of what a Grand Seiko watch should be.Omega Speedmaster Racing Replica

The case of omega speedmaster replica watches the Grand Seiko Hi-Beat Calibre 9S20th-Anniversary Omega Speedmaster Racing Replica SWGH267 Grand Seiko Hi-Beat 36000 Calibre 7S is exactly the same as its gold and platinum siblings. The new case measures in at 39.5mm in diameter and 13mm high. Grand Seiko may need to work on this area, in order for Omega Speedmaster Racing Replica their watches to be a little slimmer. The case's design is fresh, but it still has a very GS style. It features sharp angles, strong casebands, and integrated lugs. There are no surprises.The execution and attention to detail that went into these cases is what impresses the most. This is a hallmark of all Omega Speedmaster Racing Replica Grand Seiko watches and this SBGH267 is no different. This watch is made from a less common material but undergoes the same "Zaratsu" polishing process. Zaratsu (or blade polishing) is an ancient method for hand-polishing that creates a mirror-like finish. It was used to polish Japanese fighting Omega Speedmaster Racing Replica swords.

It is time-consuming and can only be done by experienced Omega Speedmaster Racing Replica watchmakers. As always, the result is extremely satisfying. The angles are very sharp and flat surfaces are brilliant. The lines between surfaces are clean and neat. This Omega Speedmaster Racing Replica SBGH267 is a stunning example of detail (and the platinum and gold versions as well): The thin, sharp, brushed line at the inner side. That's attention to detail.Omega Speedmaster Racing Replica